Document Restoration

Restoring a document

In the face of devastation, many important documents and irreplaceable contents can be caught in the midst of the event. After years of recovery and restoration experience, 360 Fire & Flood is here to help you save both critical and treasured documents. As a world-class restoration company, our team is thoroughly trained in document recovery and restoration to recover almost any type of document including:

  • Files and manuscripts
  • Drawing/maps/blueprints
  • Photos, films, and negatives
  • Parchment
  • Books
  • And More!

What Is The Document Restoration Process?

For optimal results, it is crucial for document restoration to be carried out as soon as possible. Our team of experts use a variety of techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently and effectively restore your precious documents. Flood damaged documents can be safely recovered using vacuum and thermal freeze dryers, desiccant drying, and sieves intended specifically for paper restoration. If your documents have been exposed to fire or smoke, our team utilizes industry-leading cleaning sponges, ionized air washing, and several other techniques to achieve exceptional final results.

Whether your documents have been exposed to water, fire, smoke, or mold, 360 Fire & Flood is here to bring your treasured documents back to life. To learn more or to request a quote, contact us today!