Sanitation Services

Sanitation SprayingNow more than ever, sanitation is a crucial part of keeping your business clean and clear of contamination. Germs can live on surfaces for several days, putting others at risk. At 360 Fire & Flood, our team is proud to be your partner in keeping your staff, customers, and other visitors safe from germs and airborne viruses. Using advanced, electrostatic spraying technology, our team of experienced professionals will efficiently and effectively clean your entire building, even those hard to reach spots.

Electrostatic Spraying Sanitation Process

Our expert team will disinfect all of the surfaces in your building using a rapid-release spraying equipment that disperses fast-acting chemicals to cover a large area efficiently. Electrostatic spraying, or fogging, disinfects up to 10x faster than other products and is the most effective way to kill viruses, including COVID-19. There are several benefits to electrostatic spraying sanitation including:

  • Impressive surface adhesion
  • Complete coverage, even in hard to reach areas
  • Less chemicals required
  • Quick application

For rapid, fast-acting sanitation services from a company you can trust, contact 360 Fire & Flood today!